Quant Trading

Retained and contingent search for

Quant research and trading

Our quantitative research and trading team fill search mandates from entry level up to portfolio management positions for several the world leading systematic and quant driven funds. Our client portfolios include funds that including high frequency, start arb, trend following and volatility strategies.  Our candidates are often top-level PhD’s who have supplemented their research experience with extracurricular activities or proven track records of delivering high quality research.


Whether your organisation operates as silo teams or collaborative functions, we have the expertise and reach through our global network to provide clients with the best active and passive candidates in the world.


Quant infrastructure & support

We provide our clients with the best in class talent to help build, optimise, and back test quant tools, infrastructure and ideas. We focus on finding candidates who not only understand statistical components of the models they are often trying to implement, but also the performance aspects. Whether you require candidates to source identify, extract and clean new data sources to automating processes, we understand the importance of having a world class tool kit.

analytics & data science

We provide our clients with talent to help them uncover insights within their own business.  Data scientists will often have to come from a strong statistical background and will work closely with business units, sourcing data and uncovering and presenting those insights to stakeholders within the business.

Candidates are often required to be able to think outside the box, using innovative solutions but able to articulate often technical concepts in a clear and concise manner to a wider audience.